Pre-purchase Examination

During our pre-purchase examination, we conduct a thorough soundness and physical exam on each horse.
Advanced diagnostics can also be added to the pre-purchase exam. These diagnostic include ultrasonography (for a brood mare), and in-house laboratory services. (specialized lab tests will have to be sent out to an outside laboratory.)

Valley Veterinary Clinic’s responsibility is not to Pass or Fail the horse, only to interpret current physical findings, and advise the purchaser as to the potential limitations of the animal.


Dr. Terri Deweert has received advanced training in evaluating your horse’s dental needs.
The need for basic floating, or occlusal equilibration is evaluated as a routine part of your horse’s annual care.

If dental care is needed then sedation is used, the head is supported with a padded ring, a dental speculum opens the mouth and a dental halter with a PowerLite light source is applied.

The PowerFloat is used to remove all dominant malocclusions from sharp points, front or rear hooks and ramps, tall teeth, wave mouth and apply bits seats. PowerFloat dental procedures are completed without causing trauma to the inside of your horse’s mouth. The grinding surface of the float is fully surrounded by a protective guard. The variable speed, heavy-duty DeWalt motor allows the PowerFloat to operate quickly, thus reducing the amount of time your horse needs to remain sedated.

Wolf teeth are extracted when seen on exam.

Additional Equine services

Wound care, laceration repairs, colic cases, dental procedures, routine exams,reproductive ultrasounds, vaccines, deworming, Joint injections and in-house blood work are all done on site. We are not ambulatory at this time, so all equine services are to be preformed at the Vet Clinic. This maintains safety for Dr.Terri and accessibility for additional supplies.


Valley Veterinary Clinic performs Coggins blood work and corresponding paperwork.
Both International and Interstate Health Certificates can be provided.