We offer a full range of diagnostic testing for both small and large animals.


Our on-site laboratory performs CBC,Chemistry, fibrinogen and T4 blood analysis within 15 minutes while you wait.
We also provide on-site fecal tests, evaluation of masses by fine needle aspiration, as well as urinalysis. We also offer vaginal cytology to enhance timely canine breeding.

We utilize commercial veterinary laboratories for specialty tests; with most results received within 24 hours.

Digital Radiology

The in-house Digital Radiology unit allows immediate evaluation of positioning, exposure and motion to ensure quality radiographs and decrease the need for retakes.

Doctors, staff and clients may review images within 12 seconds, allowing rapid diagnosis and treatment Digital images allow for web based sharing between clients and veterinarians.

A CD can be burned and given to the client at the time of the exam for their own records. With rising ecological concerns; digital radiology eliminates the need for toxic developer chemicals and x-ray film disposal.


We have updated our ultrasound to a new system. The new ultrasound is powered from  a tablet. The system has Wifi capability from any room in the clinic to a big screen in the exam room for clients to view during the procedure.  The picture generated is much clearer and has greater detail than our older machine. This new ultrasound is allowing for earlier pregnancy detection in small animals, as well as better diagnostic capabilities.  If needed, we are able to transmit the images to a radiologist for further review.   We will continue to use our existing machine for pregnancy detection in mares.